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About Us

There's nothing like the special bond of shopping at veteran owned, family business.

As a jet aircraft mechanic, I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to work on some pretty awesome aircraft with some pretty sweet tools.  And as a pilot, I’ve traveled the world and encountered some pretty unique entertainment spaces.  Together with my wife who has had her own experience globe trotting and spending time in some pretty sweet bars and luxury hotels, our mission at Next Lvl Spaces is to bring some of that world wide uniqueness and luxury to your home, whether its your own garage-mahal, man-cave, or outdoor oasis, and take it to the Next Level.

After spending over 20 years in the military, our core values of integrity, service and excellence are what we strive to bring my customers across the United States.  It’s our honor and privilege to be able to serve you as my customer.

While many big box stores are great on price and convenience, they lack personal customer service and quality, expert assistance.  At Next Lvl Spaces, we combine convenient free shipping, easy returns, and rock bottom pricing with the absolute best customer service in the industry. 

Every day, we strive to give each customer the experience they deserve, just like a local mom & pop shop.

Our Story

Next Lvl Spaces may have been founded in 2023, but the concept was born years ago as we started implementing concepts we had experienced within our own home.  Living in Vegas for years, we were entertained in some pretty amazing home bars, visited top of the line garages, and relaxed in some unforgettable outdoor entertainment spaces. And as we traveled the world, those concepts We’re a military family that wants to share some of those concepts with our customers, and at reasonable prices.

My wife and I have spent over 20 years in the military, traveling the globe and serving with the men and women of the Armed Forces.  After 20 years of serving in the Air Force, we’ve developed a desire to help propel others to experience the next level of life.  We have pursued a life of serving others, and with an expertise and passion that is unteachable, we knew that we could provide the highest quality product, and the best customer service on the market.

Our Mission

While high quality home entertainment is important for hosting guests and a consistent experience every time, unfortunately entertainment sets can get very expensive.  And the same goes with high quality garage setups.

It is our mission to provide the highest quality products online for the best prices on the market. We want to ensure everyone has their dream garage, mancave, and outdoor oasis, regardless of their budget.

We also strive to provide top quality advice on all setups so that every customer knows how to stretch their dollar as far as possible and make create a space in their home that is truly unforgettable.

Satisfaction and Support Are Always Our Top Priority

If you ever have a question, don't hesitate to call, send an email, or even contact our live support.

We have dedicated, U.S. based home entertainment experts available around the clock to provide you assistance, just like any friendly neighbor would. We like to spend a time with our customers making sure each one is satisfied and feels valued.

Thank you for stopping by, and we invite you to make yourself at home!